Shenton Safaris: Mating leopards

If you read this week’s Big Cat Roundup you will know that we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of  two adult leopards walking through the night together. However, what came next is what made the sighting special.

As an evening game drive draws to a close, the warm October wind swept through guests hair and the Luangwa Valley turned in for the night as the night callers came out to play. As the spotlight drifts from side to side in search of fantastic beasts, two pairs of eyes glow against the torches beam. The vehicles comes to a halt, the engine idles before cutting out and the call of a scops owl and the constant buzz of crickets accompany the sighting. The torch focuses on two adult leopards, they walk slowly, gracefully and harmoniously out of the thickets until the female drops down onto her stomach, the game drive arrived just in time. The male mates with the female for all of 20 seconds before she recovers from her position and walks four steps before flopping onto her side. 

The male continues away from the vehicles and the female eventually get up to follow him until the pair disappear into the black still night. As the mysterious cats float away, Shenton Safaris feel electrified at the idea of a new cub in the area. 

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