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The Kaingo Kitchen is one the fundamental parts of the incredible Shenton Safaris’ Family. Since 1992, the evolution of the Kaingo kitchen has brought us, undoubtedly, to serve some of the best Safari Cuisine in Zambia.

Our incredible team, lead by Catherine as their Exec-Chef, has received phenomenal reviews through 2017, with some of our guests saying that they deserve a Michelin Star! We’re delighted to let you know that the same exceptional team will be serving you in 2018, and further in the future.

The Kaingo Kitchen is there to make sure that we satisfy your belly, as we fulfil your safari dreams. We’d like to do individual blog posts on each of the Kaingo Kitchen members, but for now, we thought we would leave you with the below video as a quick introduction to them all.

Our family is made up of incredibly joyous people, and we’ve been so delighted with the addition of Catherine Garden as our Exec-Chef. As you’ll see in this short video, the Kaingo Kitchen is a place of endless smiles and laughter!

In order from left to right; “Big” Andrew, Augustine, Catherine, Andrew “Junior”, and Flackson.

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