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Our Shenton Safaris’ Family is quite numerous, though, in the brief instances that you call our camps home, you do not get to meet them all. So, we thought we’d start the new year introducing you to some of our extended family members, the Shenton Safaris’ Family. We do hope that through the year we get to tell you a little bit about everyone. Our family can include up to 40 members when we are busy with camp construction, and in full swing of the season. From our waiters, chefs, and housekeepers to our boilermen and mechanics. Each of them with incredible smiles and passion for their roles, most have been with Shenton Safaris for several years! We wonder who you would think that we would choose first?

We thought we’d begin with one of the first people you are likely to meet when arriving by plane at Mfuwe Airport. Mr James Zulu, officially known as one of Shenton Safaris’ Meet & Greeters. James has been working for Derek Shenton for over 20 years and is our dedicated transfer driver, and not only. James wears many caps and is a master at them all. Being the head of the Junior Staff team, having run the Shenton vegetable plot as well, he is one of the primary liaison between Shenton Safaris and Mfuwe town. James is also our head plumber and electrician for both Kaingo and Mwamba. He is also a barman, host and spotter when needed!

James Zulu is a man of many talents, always enthusiastic and ready to complete any job. If you get the chance to be meet him when you are next to us, we hope you have the opportunity to chat with him about his passion for his roles. Of course, if you don’t get too distracted by the transfer! James is known for his incredible luck on his transfer drives, so make sure you have your camera ready while you chat!

So, enough of the background history. I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of what life behind the scenes is like with a short anecdote and a couple of images. James is incredibly mischievous and is always ready to make us all laugh. He brings his happy mood to us all, and the below is a day in the life of James’ joy. The season of Kigelia flowers had begun in camp, and James was looking to make sure that Andrew Junior (one of our chefs) felt pretty that day.

Of course, James did pose wonderfully, and in the end, I managed to get this image of the Kigelia flower. Which in the grand scheme of things, makes me laugh every time I look at it. Stay tuned for more little sneak peeks, and more introductions to other members of Shenton Safaris’ Family.

Shenton Safaris’ Family: James Zulu & the Kigelia Flower

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