Can you spot the pearl-spotted owlet?

It isn’t uncommon to see these captivating little owlets during the day, that being said, they are active during the day but spotting these 17-21 centimetre birds is another story. Your best chances of seeing this delightful owl is either when they are hunting or being mobbed by other birds.

Patrick and his guests catch the final stages of the pearl-spotted owlet hunting. The bird swoops onto a leafy branch and stares down at the game viewing party with its bright yellow eyes. Gripped in the owlets small beak is the birds lunch, a mouse falls prey to the 61 gram bird. 

Mice are not an owlets usual prey, insects are a much more attainable target. However, pearl-spotted owlets possess a hunting technique that allows them to drop down from a perch and onto their prey. Interestingly, bats also fall prey to these brown and white dappled birds, the owlet catches the bats in flight before returning to their perch. A fantastic feat when considering the speed and agility of bats. 

Have you pinpointed the well hidden pearl-spotted owlet in the photos?

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