Friday 20th September

As each day goes by the rowdy cubs of the Kapanda Pride grow a little bit larger as do their personalities. Yoram and guests find themselves watching the cubs having to entertain themselves as the midday heat is take it’s toll on their mothers. Flicking each other with their tails, biting ears and practicing their stalking only lasts so long until they all flop over to join their mothers siestas. 

Saturday 21st September

Something that once resembled a buffalo lays demolished in amongst the thickets. Surrounding the deceased buffalo are bloated bellies, rising and deflating as the lions pant violently. Always close to a kill, a clan of hyenas dip in between a state of rest and impatience, ready to scavenge what they can from the lions. 

Sunday 22nd September

Tyson strikes again, another kill made right in front of Mwamba’s office and Yvonne gave us a first hand account. Just follow this link to read about Tyson’s antics. 

Monday 23rd September

Two adults and a cub huddle around a small pool of water. The loud lapping of their tongues drinking up the water cuts through the sounds of the African bush at night. They drink for what seems a long time before continuing on their quest. The lions are very alert, ears pricked forward, assessing their opportunities to hunt. A sub-adult climbs into the shallow wide base of a tree and the lions wait and consider their next course of action. 

Tuesday 24th September

Streamlined and supple, an unidentified leopard walks across lion plain. With nothing to hide behind, the exposed cat walks with confidence, she is not hunting as she is in plain view. In the distance we hear the unmistakable whistling alarm of a panicked impala warning all of the predator on the move. 

Wednesday 25th September

In the bed of the completely empty river Mwamba lays, arguably, the most majestic of cats. Coat glistening, print perfectly groomed, the spots of the leopard aren’t providing the camouflage they are supposed to. However, this cat is not in need of camouflage at this moment in time, she lays asleep in the baking midday sun under the shade of an overhanging lead-wood tree. 

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