Muluta Gondwe, 16th June 2010

As we headed out for a morning drive my guests said they were really keen to see Lion that morning and also a Leopard. We found the Mwamba Pride fairly early on in the drive so that was great. We spent some nice time with them before moving on and having many other nice sitings during the drive.

It was close to 08.30 and we were up near the big Baobab in the Deb’s tree area. I was looking for a good morning tea spot when I spotted something which was very new to me. It ducked into the bush very quickly before I was able to make a positive identification. We waited and a little later a Serval came out of the bush.

That was so cool! Everyone on the car was really excited, but especially me as this is the first time I have seen a serval in the wild. This made everyne forget about the leopard! It’s such a rare mammal and to see it during the day was amazing.

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