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I miss the bush!

It’s been 3 months now since Kaingo and Mwamba closed for the rainy season, and the re-opening is still another 3 months away! I miss the sounds of the bush, the tumultuous songs of the birds and the snorting of the hippos. I miss seeing our little baby bushbuck hiding away in the undergrowth, and … yes I think I even miss the ellies! Most of my days are spent working on the computer processing reservations (which are coming in nicely, thank you!) for the 2011 season and boosting our marketing campaign, including our social media presence (I hope that by now you’ve join us on Facebook!).

So really, there isn’t much to blog about, no exciting wildlife encounters other than watching the pigeons on the rooftops outside my window. If you are wondering, I’ve been based in my hometown in Belgium since November – braving the cold, the snow and the floods and waiting for a government to form… However, a couple more weeks and I will be taking a 6-week tour of the US attending tradeshows and visiting travel agents to promote our camps! That will be exciting, and maybe I’ll have something fun to tell you about!

But enough of my whining! Because, there is something exciting happening out there!

The Zambian Tourism Board, with the help of the World Bank, has launched a worldwide competition – “Re-brand Zambia as a Tourism Destination”.  They are inviting everyone and anyone in the world to submit up to 3 slogans/logos.  There are two prizes – both a 15 day safari for two in Zambia, generously donated by the tourism industry. One prize goes to the best slogan, and one prize goes to the best logo.

So play your part – share your ideas and enter the competition. Help Zambia and have the chance to explore the country yourself…

Put your creative hat on and go on the following link: www.zambiatourism.com/competition

Good luck but hurry as the competition closes on February 25th!


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