The past few nights have certainly been for the cat lovers.

The unknown female

The unknown female

With both the Mwamba & Hollywood Pride being seen as well as Malika & her cub, another female leopard with a sub adult cub. Tyson our resident male leopard as well as another unknown male leopard; all seen on game drive by our guests here at Kaingo and Mwamba over the past few nights.

Mwamba's on the move

Mwamba’s on the move

So all in all not bad viewing when you tally those up!  Around forty lion and five leopards in one game drive – lots of smiling guests

The Mwamba’s have been hanging around close to Kaingo camp and seem to be coping well considering the loss of the leader.

The Hollywood’s killed a kudu which provided a great sighting for Meyam and his guest as well as the rest of us who joined the action slightly late.

Hollywood's on a Kudu

Hollywood’s on a Kudu

Malika was her usual relaxed self and gave us a great sighting of her and her cub. The new unknown female had a kill up a tree which she allowed us to share with her and her cub.

A messy eater

A messy eater

As for the two male leopards; Tyson is as always very relaxed and gave us all wonderful viewing but the unknown male is a little skittish. Hopefully with time he will see us a less and less of a threat and become more used to our presence and settle.

So if you are into your cats then this is certainly the place to be.

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