On many an occasion after the eleventh of August, we tried to view the Hyaena pups by day and were disappointed when their Mother selfishly held them below decks. Then, our diligence was rewarded . . ..

As their curiosity was piqued, possibly driven by the stares of the humans and the whirring of cameras,

the more adventurous of the two left the den to venture a couple of steps towards the vehicles, but soon scurried back to the safety of its sibling and the den.

Kaingo Camp

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  1. Lorraine van der Merwe August 23, 2015 at 6:18 am - Reply

    Very ‘charming’ sighting!…But I, we have to admit that they are already looking suspicious! They realy arw adorable with their sturdy short legs, but I am sure already picking up the cunning ways of stealing the Hot Chocolate…or all but one of the morning tea’s freshly baked muffins!

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