Every month, Shenton Safaris selects 3 pictures among those taken by our guests during their visit at Kaingo and Mwamba. The theme for October was Ellies. Our next selections will be on the following themes: “monkey business” for November and “reptiles” for December. So make sure to sort through your photographs and to email them to us at info@kaingo.com. Make sure your best shots are emailed to us so we can add them to the pool.



south Luangwa safari


 By Chris Tickner, September 2012

“I first visited South Luangwa with Shenton’s two years ago with my Dad and enjoyed it so much I returned in 2012, this time with my girlfriend Sophie in tow as well.

We saw this family of elephants an hour or so into our morning drive with Meyam. They were slowly walking past us, when something caught there attention and they all turned to look at our truck. After a few seconds they suddenly turned and ran back the way they had come and I was lucky enough to get this shot. After a hundred yards or so, they regained their nerve, and turned to walk back past us.

This was only one of the many fantastic experiences we had during our stay – I cannot recommend Shenton’s and their guides highly enough. Thanks to everyone for giving the three of us a truly magical holiday!”

Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 1/400 sec  at f/5.6. Focal 400mm. ISO 320.




elephant safari


By Peter Lemon, September 2010

“I’m Peter Lemon from Australia. Fanatical wildlife photographer – especially African wildlife.  Still aiming for that National Geographic front cover. I have visited Kaingo and Mwamba each dry season since 2006, especially for the photo hides, and the “Hollywood” lion pride, and the brilliant photo opportunities they often provide. I love the sense of remoteness of these camps.”

PS: this picture was taken from the Mwamba hide

Settings: Canon EOS 400D, 1/400 sec  at f/6.3. Focal 300mm. ISO 800.



wildlife photography

By Georgios Chaziris


“Living and working in the urban jungle that is Athens, Greece, me and my wife Dimitra are fond of traveling in search of remote and untamed wilderness as far away from home as our limited time will allow. We have a particular fondness for Africa, its people and its wild places with all the profound uncertainty they envisage. Being in the wild is the refreshing sidestep from our sterilised daily city life. Photography is just a part of this process, a trip within the trip.

I took this photo of a young curious elephant from the front seat of our jeep. My wife was on the back seat and literally within one meter from the eyes of the elephant. I like how this shot reminds me of her frozen stance and her terrified smile, as everybody stood perfectly still while the massive, mud covered animal was inspecting her up close and personal.”

Settings: Canon EOS 450D 1/400 sec at f/7.1.Focal 400mm. ISO 400

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