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It is not uncommon to find yourself stumbling upon porcupine quills whilst walking around camp or on a walking safari. Although to get a sighting of Africa’s largest rodent, it is a slightly more rare occasion. We must admit, an occasion we do love and cherish. 

These incredible creatures can weigh up to 10 kilograms, grow up to 93 centimetres in length and their life span can be as long as 15 years in the wild. These primarily nocturnal creatures possess fascinating qualities such as being one of the few animals in the world that create bonds through mating and prior to mating. Gestation is around three months and a litter can produce from one porcupine to four at a time. Through the birthing process, the young are born with soft quills which eventually turn hard in the air. 

Sandy and his four guests had already had a very successful night. If they weren’t watching lions hunting, they spending time with leopards and cubs. After all this excitement, what could match it? Well, a pair of porcupines scuttling through the sparse dry grass. Two balls of quills made their way through the grass, stopping to forage in the ground and gnaw bones left behind from kills to strengthen their quills. A fantastic little moment with a less popular sighting, but one that we love as equally as we love our lions and leopards. 

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    Audrey Auret July 26, 2019 at 10:03 am - Reply

    I didn’t realise it was rare to see a porcupine, I adore their quills, they are so graphic

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