Painted Wolves, very vocal

Guests of Kaingo camp staying in our Elephant Hide were amazed to be awoken by 15 very vocal Painted Wolves, on the beach in front of them. The Luangwa river is too deep for the Dogs to cross there, but they seemed agitated enough to try. They paced back and forth from the water’s edge to the bank and back again, to the delight of our guests.

The reasons for their agitation became apparent when 6 of the Wild Dogs  from the Kaingo pack appeared below the Elephant Hide, but quickly disappeared when they saw the guests. Sylvester Mbaama arrived to collect them for their game drive, but they sat watching the dogs’ back-and-forth antics on the beach instead.

Here is a short video of a series of sightings that morning:

Patrick and his guests had joined the chase for sightings of the Painted Wolves and he was fortunate to catch the 6 looking and calling for the 15.


The Alpha Dog, matted and blooded, calls for the other pack . . .


and all members of the pack listen for a reply.


As per the video above, when Patrick and guests arrived at the beach to the east of Shenton’s Hippo Hide, they were amazed to see the Dogs streaming onto the beach, to the consternation of the Hippos and Crocodiles. The Crocodiles dashed into the waters and then, as one, turned to face the Painted Dogs as if daring them to cross at that point. They chose to wait for another day, or a safer spot, to cross and interact with the Kaingo Painted Wolves.


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