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“A little Leopard would be Nice”

Meyam Njobvu 10 June: Kaingo Derek's mum, Marianne Shenton comes to camp a couple of times a season for two to three weeks, and yet in spite of how often she visits you will  not find a keener guest when it comes to going out on activities. This particuar morning [...]

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Fighting Cats

Patrick Njobvu 5th June - Kaingo: It was around 5pm when we heard the noise of a very cross leopard, growling and screaming near the kitchen at Kaingo. We ran to have a look and in the tree directly above the kitchen and there was the leopard, but we couldn’t [...]

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The Lion’s Share

Our new guide Ian is very nearly as hard to catch on camera as the elusive Aardvark. I managed to capture this shot of him in the sandpit with Saphire before he could disappear into the undergrowth; admittedly not the most rugged of surroundings. I shall do my best to [...]

Mwamba’s Opening Aardvark

Meyam Njobvu: 1st June We opened Mwamba on the 1st of June and what an opening it was. The night drive started very quietly and continued on in the same way, there wasn't so much going on. I chatted with my spotter, our scout Gideon, about what a quiet night [...]

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Welcome to Shenton Safaris Blog

Welcome to the 2010 season, and to our new blog. Shenton Safaris is owned and run by myself and my husband Derek Shenton. Along with our daughter Saphire, we live deep inside the South Luangwa National Park at our main camp Kaingo. That is likely the last time you’ll see [...]


Leopards: Though we might not have had quite so many sightings as usual this year , the quality of the sightings has been aweome. The relaxed young female with two cubs based around Mwamba has been a winner; she has made quite a few daylight kills and always brought in the cubs [...]


The three young males that took over “Hollywood” pride and territory seem to have won the five females over and have consolidated their position. The biggest male – approx 210kg –unfortunately killed the previous pride male’s sub-adult cub of about three years who was foolishly still hanging around on the [...]

October 2009

Greetings all Amazingly, almost another season has passed us by and there is only 4 weeks to go now till we close camp. We opened on 25 May and although it was fairly quiet for the first two months in terms of bookings, it has picked up hugely from August [...]

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