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The Hunting Night

This was the night of the hunting cats.  Our first encounter involved three lionesses hunting impalas.  As we sat and watched the lions stalk the impalas one of the impalas must have taken notice of the lionesses because she made an alarm call to warn the others and in a [...]

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Back in camp!

Hi All, Apologies for the radio silence this side, I was dutifully uploading guide blogs when I was blindsided by a rather unpleasant medical situation. One minute I was happily perched on the banks of the Luangwa River and the next being airlifted out and deposited in a Joburg hospital. The contrast [...]

A couple of leopards…

Patrick Njobvu, 3rd of July 2010 About a kilometre out of camp on the afternoon drive  we heard baboons giving alarm calls from the small ebony forest. We got there quite quickly, but by the time we got there they had already stopped barking. However we  were still very lucky [...]

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Civetry Mark 2

Meyam Njobvu, June 29th 2010 We were heading out from camp for a morning walk, but we needed to drive to a particular point  first as we were looking for the rare Cookson's Wildebeeste. The grasslands behind Mwamba Camp are one of the only places in Africa you can see [...]

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Patrick Njobvu 29th June, 2010 We left camp for our morning drive and we were mainly looking for the Mwamba Pride as we'd heard them calling near camp during the night. We'd driven into an area called the 040 looking for them, but hadn't had any luck. Suddenly we saw [...]

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Silent Lions

Meyam Njobvu: 19th June 2010 We left mwamba for a morning drive without realising we had visitors in the neighbourhood. About a minute out of camp wee ran into the Mwamba Pride of lions - well 9 lions in total, which is part of the Mwamba Pride. There were 4 [...]

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We’re back!

Hi there, We're back, after a bit of an absence. The guides have been dutifully handing in their posts, but Derek and I have been knee deep preparing our tender bid for Mwamba Bush Camp. Whilst all operators were initially offered their tenders back for the next 10 year period, there [...]

Wild Dogs at Mwamba Bush Camp

Meyam Njobvu, 10 June 2010: On an afternoond drive out of Mwamba we saw a lovely group of elephant feeding in the Mopane woodland - they had lovely light on them. We continued on whilst looking for a nice sundowner spot and I noticed the impalas were running and pronking nervously which [...]

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