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Re-building Kaingo

Hi there! That's it! The season has started. We reopened Kaingo for our 2011 season on May 24th, with a full camp, largely composed of avid photographers participating in a photographic safari workshop offered by Africa Geographic, and led by South African Pro, David Rogers. But before re-opening, it was [...]

Welcome Jayabella!

Hi there! WELCOME JAYABELLA! Congratulations to Jules and Derek Shenton for the arrival of baby girl Jayabella Indigo Shenton, born on March 23rd. I’m sure Saphire is delighted to  now have a baby sister to play with. The family of 4 will travel back to Zambia (from Australia) in a [...]

Shenton Safaris is recruiting!

Shenton Safaris is seeking a professional chef or caterer to fill the head food and beverage role at our camp Kaingo. This role requires menu planning, food preparation, management of staff (chefs, waiters, room attendants), hosting of international guests and room checks as well as ordering camp supplies etc. This [...]

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TIS THE SEASON... ... to let the rains come and the rivers flow. Indeed it is that time of year again where most of our staff has gone home to their families, tending to their farming duties. Where Derek and Jules have headed back to the city along with Saphire [...]

Not one but two prides of lions

The Mwamba Pride killing machines had gotten a buffalo, a few kilometres away from Mwamba Bushcamp, and there were 17 lions in total, that is 9 cubs and 8 adult lionesses. We had seen them before they killed the buffalo, at around 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon, in a very [...]

By |October 14th, 2010|Shenton's blog|

How do you like your tea?

A few days ago, our most regular elephant visitors, Mother Eleonore, Son Ed and Little Daughter Esmeralda, were enjoying the waterfront blooming sausage trees of Kaingo Camp. They started out south, near Derek & Jules’ house, and slowly made their way north, along the bank of the Luangwa River. I [...]

Walking among lions

We had a very exciting walk from Kaingo to Mwamba where we saw some of the lions walking along the Kamima Stream, in search of water. We knew they had had a kill because they all looked very full. We decided to follow them until they got to the waterhole, [...]

By |October 14th, 2010|Shenton's blog|

Busy evening!

It was a wonderful evening where we had a lion sighting. As we were busy enjoying looking at the male lion and the cubs, we just heard a puku screaming in a short distance and all of a sudden we saw this lion running to where the sound was coming [...]

By |September 20th, 2010|Shenton's blog|

Eliott the One Eyed Leopard

Phil Branham was kind enough to send us this picture of Eliott the one-eyed leopard. So named after Pat's Uncle who also had only one eye. For  those of you who are new to our newsletters this year we first met Eliott as a small cub just before the rains [...]

By |September 4th, 2010|Shenton's blog|
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