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A Tall Affair

A Tall Affair We were finishing our morning safari and were making our way back towards camp to enjoy a hearty brunch. On the way, we came across two fully grown male giraffe standing beneath a Sausage Tree. They were standing in a way to suggest that this was not [...]

A Crocodiles Feast

A Crocodiles Feast Out on morning drive, we came across a lagoon still filled with water and many different birds. After spending time identify all the bird species we could, we turned our attention to a large crocodile near a few hippos. Staring for a while, we soon realised that [...]

Shenton Safaris’ Family James Zulu

Shenton Safaris’ Family James Zulu Our Shenton Safaris’ Family is quite numerous, though, in the brief instances that you call our camps home, you do not get to meet them all. So, we thought we’d start the new year introducing you to some of our extended family members, the Shenton [...]

By |January 14th, 2018|Shenton's blog|
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