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Big Cat Roundup 17th- 23rd October

Thursday 17th Thursday’s are for family, and lions make no exception. Yoram arrives at Pelican Lagoon, and there, he finds two females, two cubs and a male feasting on their breakfast. A buffalo calf has fallen victim to the valleys most fearsome predator. Bloody faced, bellies bloated the lions [...]

Big Cat Roundup 10th- 16th October

Thursday 10th October Lions have an undeniable aura around them, they possess so much raw strength that even when they are taking part in their extensive daily comas, intimidation and confidence sits heavy in the air around them. This sense of strength is completely escalated when they are active and [...]

Shenton Safaris: Wonderful Wildlife

Wonderful wildlife: The lilac-breasted roller The lilac-breasted roller is not only the most common roller found in Southern Africa, but it is without a doubt the most beautiful as well. The coracias caudatus is the proud owner of eight different coloured feathers on their 35 cm body. Greens, browns, lilac, [...]