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Hunting with the pied kingfisher

Hunting with the pied kingfisher These mottled black and white birds are thrilling to watch when they are hunting. A controlled hover far above the water's surface leads to a dip of the beak until their bodies are almost vertical. Like that of a bullet, the pied kingfisher plunges with [...]

Big Cat Roundup 18 July- 24 July

Thursday 18th July Thursday's here at Shenton Safaris are dedicated to Big Cat Roundup. Therefore, it only seems appropriate that the strongest cat of them all, the lion, are out in force.  Nine members of the famous MK (Kaingo-Mwamba) Pride are at Deb's tree. They look hungry as they all [...]

Wonderful Wildlife: Southern carmine bee-eaters

Wonderful Wildlife: Southern carmine bee-eaters The anticipation for September to arrive is almost getting to be too much to bear. Why? Obviously, because it is when our Southern carmine bee-eaters have already begun establishing their colonies on the north-facing wall of the Luangwa River. This is not a spectacle we [...]

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