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Beauty amongst death

Beauty amongst death A buffalo is the ultimate kill for a pride of lions. These gigantic beasts are hard to take down, they weigh approximately 300 to 835 kilograms contrary to the 130 kilograms of a female lion. The possess two terrifyingly sharp horns and an equally terrifying [...]

Kaingo’s Hippo Hide

Let's talk Kaingo's Hippo Hide! This serene spot is located on a deep-seated corner at the confluence of the Luangwa and Mwamba rivers. As the meandering Luangwa peacefully trickles by, a pod of hippos sing their honks and jostle for room. There is something about the hippo [...]

Swimming M-K’s

Swimming M-K's We are sure you all remember the few weeks where the M-Ks were splitting their time between each side of the Luangwa River. The pride was divided putting pressure on their hunting and territory. Following the pride make multiple crossings for some weeks, we often worried [...]

The bark of a baboon

The bark of a baboon The bark of a distressed baboon can often leave an enduring impression to those that witness it. For some, the alarm call raises excitement; however, for others, it may bring about sorrow. The stir in emotions this noise creates all boils down to [...]

A wild afternoon

A wild afternoon There are few things that happen in the bush that can shock Patrick these days. Our head guide has been in the business since 1992, which marked the beginning of Shenton Safaris. Working his way up the ranks, Patrick started as a waiter, and now, [...]