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As the season goes on, the Luangwa River lowers, leading to many sand banks being formed. There is one sand bank in particular with a lot of daily action, strategically placed infront of our office window. We’ve been having such good viewing that we would like to present to you, our Office Hippos! The Pod that calls this bank home is made up of a healthy nine Hippo, and as the days have unfolded, we have witnessed their Saga.

calf and cow

mum and kids

There are two younger calves in this pod, that take ‘curiousity’ a step further than the cat! Trotting along without a worry, jumping into the river and running after each other (when of course they are not sleeping in the sun!). The younger of the two recently stumbled across a crocodile, and started nudging it… playing against the crocodiles tail, and then slowly, slowly worked it’s way up to the crocodile’s back with kicks and nudges… when it finally got to the crocodiles head, he was in for a grinning surprise! With a hiss, the crocodile showed it’s teeth and the hippo lept back, scampering to the rest of the herd. We kicked ourselves for not taking out a camera, but we were so bewildered by the moment that no one was quick enough.

Fight Sequence 1-1

Fight Sequence 1-2

Fight Sequence 1-3

As the youngsters interact and play with each other; so do the adults, but it’s not so much playing. The Hippo bulls have displayed and fought each other over these weeks… There’s nothing quite like the sound of hippo tusks clashing together, it’s such a mighty thunder. There has been one contender in particular that has been insistently challenged the dominant male.

displaying male

The fights have been constant, though recently the dominant male has also been challenged by the younger males in his pod. Which lead to mini battles, with the youngsters backing off very quickly and females getting stuck between them.

Hippo Sequence1-5

Hippo Sequence1-4

Hippo Sequence1-3

Hippo Sequence1-2

In the mean time, we’ll leave you with them doing what they do best. Relaxing and bathing in the Luangwa River.

Hippo Family1

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