With the progression of the dry season the Luangwa River drops considerably and in some places is only ankle deep which makes it very easy for animals of all sorts to cross the water and explore other areas, as they say the grass is always greener on the other side. Lions are no exception to this as we discovered one morning.















As we approached fish eagle lagoon we could see a pride of lions had killed a buffalo. Naturally we assumed it was the Hollywood pride as this particular lagoon is part of their territory. Once we arrived at the kill we noticed that it was in fact the Nsefu pride who had crossed the river over night to enjoy a family meal out.


We then noticed the two Hollywood males approaching and assumed that they would chase off the intruders. But to our surprised were greeted as part of the family. Which as it turned out they were. The females had with them six cubs around six month old and had they not been the off spring of these Hollywood males they would have surely killed them. This indicates that these two beautiful males have fathered cubs in another pride across the river.















It is interesting to discover that Male lions do not just stick to one pride and will take any opportunity they can to spread their genes.


And when you look like this………Who can blame them.

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