On a game drive in early August we heard news of a leopard deep in a thicket around the elephant bend area. Being a good half and hour drive away we decided to make our way in that direction to see what else we could spot along the way and hopefully catch  glimpse of the shy cat. After a nice drive we arrived at the location the leopard was said to be. However once we arrived there was no sign of anything or anyone. Clearly the leopard had moved off as well as the other Shenton vehicle that had called the sighting in.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-27

As we were about to make our way to our morning coffee break. We caught sight of a movement deep in the bushes. It took a while for us all to make out what the movement was but after a while we could see the shape of a cat. We decided to wait for a moment and see what unfolded and after a few minutes a leopard made its way out of the thickets and started chewing on an old carcass that remained from the night before.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-28

As we watched this beautiful animal finish off what remained of last nights dinner we heard a rustling coming again from inside the thicket. As we turned our attention towards the noise and to our surprise another leopard appeared and made its way to join its companion. What a treat! After a few minutes of feeding amicably together they both decided enough was enough and moved off and crossed a dry river bed and in to the distance.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-29

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