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Welcome to the captivating wonders of South Luangwa National Park after dusk! As the sun dips below the horizon, a whole new world comes alive in the African wilderness. Here, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey into the nocturnal wonders of this iconic park…

The Sundowner Tradition

Before the night truly unfolds, it’s only right to indulge in the long-standing tradition of the sundowner.

Here in South Luangwa National Park, we take this ritual seriously. A sundowner is a brief pit-stop on the late afternoon game drive, usually at a spot with a particularly stunning view. As the sun sets, take a moment to savor light refreshments, soaking in the beauty of the African landscape before commencing the night drive.

Exploring Beyond the Familiar

Picture this: the crisp night air, the symphony of nocturnal sounds, and the thrill of encountering elusive creatures under the cloak of darkness. Keep your eyes peeled for civets, genets, elephant shrews, and more as they go about their nocturnal activities.

Bird enthusiasts will delight in the chance to spot the majestic Pel’s fishing owl, a magnificent creature seldom seen during daylight hours. While the more well-known animals reign supreme by day, the night unveils a myriad of fascinating creatures waiting to steal the spotlight.

“The sightings I love the most are those of the Aardvarks – I’ve seen at least six or seven of them on my night game drives!”

Patrick, Senior guide at Shenton Safaris

“At night during game drives, I enjoy spotting elephant shrews and genets because of their hunting techniques. I particularly find the elephant shrews fascinating as they zoom across the pathways.”

Yoram, senior guide at Shenton Safaris

The Thrill of the Chase

With expert guides at the helm, prepare for an exhilarating adventure through the moonlit park. Custom-built 4×4 safari vehicles are equipped with powerful spotlights, illuminating the night and revealing hidden treasures along the way. Stay alert for the mesmerizing eyes of leopards glinting in the darkness or the stealthy movements of lions on the prowl. Each sighting is a testament to the unaltered landscape of South Luangwa’s wilderness.

Join Us Under the Stars

Unlike the city lights that dim the celestial display, here in South Luangwa National Park, you’re immersed in a breathtaking, unobscured panorama of stars. As night descends, our expert guides lead you through the savannah, offering moments to gaze upon the Milky Way stretching across the heavens—a luminous river of stars bridging worlds. Beyond mere navigation, our guides enrich the experience by sharing captivating African folklore and their intimate knowledge of constellations.

Ready to delve into the mysteries of the night?

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