Every activity is so important and different from the other. On the 9th of July, I was doing an evening transfer from the airport with two guests. The late flight arriving in Mfuwe at 17h30 has its own benefit, being an opportunity for a night drive.

We entered the main gate fo the park just after 18h00, aiming to get to camp for dinner time. It happened that the transfer was successful since we had two sightings of honey badgers and a few other things on the way up.

The most interesting though was just as we had passed the Kaingo sign turn off and were heading toward the ebony grove. We saw two very young lion cubs!

Since the season started for 2014, on May 20th, we had several sighting of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride but they didn’t have younger cubs, only those born last year. We were actually wondering what was going on with the pride. This sighting is so important because these new cubs seem to be about 2 or 3 months old. New members of the pride brought happiness to the Shenton staff and obviously we are also happy that the pride keeps getting bigger every season.

The mother of these 2 cubs is easily identified – we call her Spotted Lip, because of a black spot on her lip. This pride has been very successful in raising their cubs, and we just hope that these two cubs will also survive the hardship of the bush, especially that they are just being introduced to the pride.

By Meyam, July 9th, 2014.

Additional notes from Andrew who was on the same vehicle: From the time we first saw our resident pride of lions, the Mwamba-Kaingo, three lionesses had been missing – Spotted Lip and two siblings. I had been wondering now for weeks what could have happened to them, could they have been killed while hunting buffalo or by crocodile when crossing the river?It was splendid news to find her, and to know that the reason behind her elusiveness was these two little cubs!

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