The Zambian National Airports Corporation has introduced an Infrastructure and Development charge effective 15 June 2013.

This tax is applicable for ALL passengers departing from Livingstone, Mfuwe, Lusaka or Ndola airports on domestic or international flights with a ticket issued after 15 June 2013.  It will also be applied to existing bookings where a ticket is reissued after 15 June 2013.  This charge is in addition to the current departure tax and security tax.

By looking at your Proflight ticket you will know which date it was issued on, and then you can determine which taxes are included or not.

  • If your ticket was issued before March 7, 2013: you will have to pay the Departure Tax and Security Tax (in Zambian Kwacha), but not the Infrastructure Tax (exempt for tickets issued before June 15).


  • If your ticket was issued between March 7 and June 14, 2013: the Departure Tax and Security Tax are already included in your ticket, and you will be exempt from the Infrastructure Tax. So you do not need to pay anything at the airport.


  •  If your ticket was issued (or changed and re-issued) on June 15 2013, or after, the Departure Tax and Security Tax are already included, but you will have to pay the new Infrastructure Tax. Two scenarios are possible: it is not showing as included in your ticket pricing, therefore you will have to pay the tax at the counter, in Zambian Kwacha OR it is already included in your ticket (showing in the pricing), in which case you are all set.

We advise against re-issuing tickets to include this new tax. Although it would save the hassle of having to pay at the airport, but if we have to re-issue a ticket, it will then have to also include the increased fuel surcharge imposed by Proflight since May 15th, 2013. And ultimately passengers will have to pay more.


Summary of the current NACL charges:

YR     Fuel Surcharge       Amount varies depending on the route

JI        Departure Tax          ZMW 42 (USD 8) Domestic

QJ       Security Tax              ZMW 16 (USD 3) Domestic

RM      Infrastructure & Development Tax     Domestic: ZMW 27 (USD 5)   /   International: ZMW 54 (USD 10)

These are two examples of what the pricing of your ticket may look like (don’t pay attention to the amounts, they vary as they are showing the total for the ticket, and are conversion of Kwacha to dollars). The example on the right DOES NOT HAVE the new Infrastructure & Development Tax (RM) while the example on the lefft does have the tax included. That is what the authorities will check.

Proflight taxes


The Departure Tax and Security Tax are only applied once when in same day domestic transit, but the Infrastructure Tax will be applied for each segment (for example if flying on the same day Livingstone to Lusaka then Lusaka to Mfuwe, it will be applied twice).

We apologize for the inconvenience of this new tax and we hope that the airport authorities will do everything they can to ensure a smooth process at the airport. Of course you can email us for further information.

Additional information about Proflight, applicable rates, taxes and luggage allowance can also be found on Proflight’s website. 


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