Newsletter from Proflight dated August 3rd, 2012:

New Airport Charge -NACL Airports

National Airports Corporation have introduced an Aviation Infrastructure  and Development charge pursuant to the gazette notice no. 94 of 2012 of the Laws of the Republic of Zambia effective for all passengers travelling from 01 September onwards.

We are still seeking further clarity from the relevant authorities but it is our understanding that this charge will be applied to ALL passengers travelling post 01 September regardless of when their tickets were issued.  The charge will be applied to adults, children and infants out of all NACL airports (Lusaka, Ndola, Mfuwe, Livingstone) in the same way that the departure tax (J1) and security tax (QJ) are applied.

It is our understanding that the international airlines will include this in their tickets for new bookings but for existing bookings passengers will have to pay at the NACL counters prior to travel.  This will be included in tickets once a IATA designator has been applied for this charge.

The charges are:
Domestic ZMK28,000 per person
International ZMK56,000 per person

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