Meyam and his guests spotted this female Hyaena relaxing in the sand above what appeared to be a den. They waited patiently to see if any little heads might appear and then decided to return later, when dark.

And on their return after dark they were rewarded! A scurrying little black blob darted away from the arriving vehicle, but when it realised that its Mom was not afraid it relaxed and crept out again and . . . .

 . . . not just one, but two baby Hyaenas scampered around in the glare of the spotlight to the delight of the guests, and Meyam of course.

What was also apparent in the glare of the spotlight was the opacity of the female Hyaena’s right eye – but even with that disability, she is still strong enough to lead the clan.

Hopefully they will not mind the human intrusion and will stay on site until the pups are weaned, giving us many weeks of excellent sightings.

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