Natures Pharmacy – Wild Basil

Wild Basil – Ocimum canum

Wild Basil is an annual shrub which occurs here in the grasslands of the South Luangwa.

Natures Pharmacy - Wild Basil

It has strong medicinal qualities, one that we have specifically tried and tested recently! I had a nasty cold, which resulted in persistent congestion that conventional western medicine couldn’t seem to conquer. The Mwamba family came to my aid with Wild Basil. They gathered and crushed the seed pods to release their overpowering aroma and added some boiling water.

Natures Pharmacy - Wild Basil


I sat over the steam with a towel over my head and inhaled the infusion. Ten minutes later my congestion was released and I could breathe freely! I repeated the process over the following few days and to my delight was clear of the cold! The infusion compares to a ‘Vapour Rub’ and I was extremely impressed with the medicinal properties of this ordinary looking plant.

Natures Pharmacy - Wild Basil


We’ll be updating you with other secrets the plants of the South Luangwa hold as our staff members share them with us and we try them out!

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