Meyam Njobvu: 1st June

We opened Mwamba on the 1st of June and what an opening it was. The night drive started very quietly and continued on in the same way, there wasn’t so much going on. I chatted with my spotter, our scout Gideon, about what a quiet night drive it was. Just before returning to camp I decided to give the loop directly behind Mwamba Bush Camp a try. After a while, when it seemed all the animals were hiding down this track as well I decided it was time to call it a night and return to camp. As we pulled off the road to turn the vehicle around , my spotter whisper-shouted “Aardvark!!” At first I did not believe him, from my position low behind the wheel (and behind Gideon) I could not see the animal. Gideon quickly sat down so the guest and I could see for ourselves, whilst keeping the spotlight nice and steady onf the Aardvark.


It was amazing to see this magical animal, so rarely seen, walking towards the vehicle in the full light of our spot. It was only then that I relalised this was real! We watched it for about 10-15 minutes keeping very busy moving around and trying to dig for food. The amount of time we spent watching it was just unreal for me knowing it’s secretive behaviour. The view was just unbelievable in such an open space.

Normally, if you’re lucky enough to see an Aardvark, it is only from the rear as it hurries away into the nearby cover. I was so glad I had tried the loop behind Mwamba Camp – we returned to camp on a safari high.

Here is a picture of the Aardvark, taken by our guest Franz Roosli


If you would like to see more photos taken by Franz during his safari click here to go to the guest gallery

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I started working in the safari business in 1999 and gained a variety of experience within South Luangwa National Park, becoming a qualified guide in 2002. My love for the bush led me to continued study and in 2004 I passed the walking exam.I is a keen birder and enjoy showing guests the different aspects of nature one can see on foot.

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