A big thank you to south Luangwa Conservation Society (SLCS), The Zambia Carnivore Program (ZCP) and The Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZWA) for assisting us with the darting and relocation of the Mwamba male who had made Mwamba bush camp his home.

As im sure most of you are aware from following our page there has been a lot of activity surrounding The Mwamba Male. The Mwamba Pride often move into the area directly surrounding Mwamba Bush Camp at this time of year, but
the dominant male was behaving in an unusually aggressive manner.
We reported the unusual behaviour to ZAWA who decided he should be relocated to the far reaches of his territory away from any camps, where he could have become a danger to humans. Decisions to interfere with the processes of nature are not made lightly, but the safety of park guests is always the priority as is the safety of the animals. Any animal who attacks a human would have to be put down and ultimately that is also an outcome we would strenuously avoid.

Once  ZAWA  had instructed us we called SLCS and ZCP to come in and relocate him.

When the team arrived the Mwamba male was resting close to the Mwamba hide under a bush with an impala he had killed that morning.  The process of darting him went smoothly and he was loaded and moved to Kapanda lagoon out near our Baobab Forest.
When he came around he immediately started feeding on the impala carcass that was also moved with him and everyone was pleased to see the positive reaction he had to the experience. After seeing all was well the two teams left him to figure out his surroundings.

He was found dead two days later.  It is suspected that he suffered fatal internal injuries from his battle with the buffalo at Mwamba a couple of days prior to his re-location. This injury may have sparked the aggressive behaviour in the first place.
He was an iconic beast.  This male lion had been photographed and enjoyed by thousands of our guests over the past several years; all of whom had carried those memories of Wild Africa back out into their lives. We are so sorry to see him go, but he went out like the legend he was. RIP

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  1. Lorraine October 7, 2014 at 9:53 pm - Reply

    Wow, Derek and Team, thank you for sharing this as all news from Mwamba tugs at my heart-sorry Big One, but yes, many thanx to all who has moved him to safety as for all at Mwamba too.

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