Mwamba Hide Leopard Kill

They always say that you don’t really have to go far in the South Luangwa National park to get exceptional sightings. This is confirmed regularly at both Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp. This season as been exceptionally active for Mwamba Bush Camp so far, as these incredible sightings seem to regularly occur in Camp! Let’s say that having an incredible Photographic Hide in Camp with the Last Waterhole around for kilometres means that the concentration of animals always leads to some predator being on the prowl.

Mwamba Hide Leopard Kill

After hearing alarm calls from baboons, impalas and guineafowls we went to investigate what was happening at the Last Waterhole Hide at Mwamba Bush Camp. We came around the corner to find a freshly killed impala carcass lying in a gully. Tyson, one of the local male leopards, was spotted laying in wait in the thicket. He had taken down an impala right in the gully, and since no drag marks could be seen anywhere it would seem that he had ambushed the impala right from that spot.

Mwamba Hide Leopard Kill

Watch here our Vlog on Tyson, slipping back out of the thicket to start feeding on his well deserved kill. Watch, as a herd of elephants come down to drink at the waterhole, disturbing him from his feast. He quickly lifted the carcass and fled back into the bushes to continue  hidden from sight.


We’ll keep you posted with how the season progresses and which sightings we’ll get to see in Camp and out!

Vlog by Craig Reiche

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