Whilst on game drive with Andrew we arrive at Fish Eagle lagoon and both noticed the Impala and squirrels where not very happy at all, both making alarm calls and the impala looking intently in to a thicket.Upon closer inspection we saw Malika, resting under a sausage tree.

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After waiting patiently for a few minutes we heard a rustling in the bushes and out came one of the cubs. We were thrilled and continued watching in amazement at the mother and cub paying together. However excitement turn to concern when the second cub failed to appear.

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Discussions started as to what could have caused the cub to go missing and various reasons came up including lion, hyena or even a territorial male leopard looking to reduce completion in his area. Whatever the reason it is a sad loss but on the bright side it does give the remaining cub a far greater chance to grow and thrive in the harsh but wonderful ecosystem.

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