Meet the Mwamba Kitchen Team

Many guests passing through Mwamba Bushcamp ask who is responsible for all the amazing food and how do they do it!

Well, we would love you all to meet Medi and Zaks, our Mwamba Bushcamp Chefs. The two men behind the scenes helping you pack on those extra few Kilograms while staying with us!

Meet the Mwamba Kitchen Team

It always amazes me the level of food that is put out from our little Bush kitchen. Keeping in mind it is not just your average kitchen. Our freezers run off gas, we boil water over a fire, make toast on a grid over coals and cook and bake on an old Dover Wood Oven and small gas stove.

Even without the use of normal kitchen necessity’s we are able to make moist cakes, freshly baked bread, homemade yoghurt and Fillet Steaks with a bordelaise sauce – just to name a few.


Medi has been with Shenton Safaris for 15 years and has over 20 years cooking experience. He always enjoyed cooking and started learning from other Chefs in the kitchen environment and later became a Chef himself. Medi loves to learn new recipes as he says food is always changing and one of his favourite things is baking cakes. He loves be able to cook  and work in the bush as he enjoys the animals, especially watching the Baboons from the Mwamba Last Waterhole Hide.

Zaks has been with Shenton Safaris for 6 years now. He originally started as a kitchen porter in a bushcamp kitchen 15 years ago. He said he was always asking the Chefs questions and wanting to assists and that’s when we realized he needed to become a Chef himself. Zaks particularly likes working in Bushcamp kitchens as he feels it makes you think more and to work things out to your surroundings. Zaks favourite thing to make are desserts as he likes to be challenged.

Meet the Mwamba Kitchen Team

Meet the Mwamba Kitchen Team


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