Mating lions- Everything you need to know.

The cubs of the Kapanda Pride have sent everyone at Shenton Safaris into a frenzy. To experience their purity teamed with their mischievous nature with the sunbaked earth of the Luangwa Valley as their playground seems all too perfect. What’s more, considerable sightings of mating lions adds to the exhilaration and thrill of untamed Africa. 

Mating has been prevalent within the Kaingo, Mwamba area since we arrived to restart our season in May. It is often an angsty time within prides. New males may form coalitions, and can often disrupt the complete social structure of a pride. Unfortunately, in some pride 80% of cubs do not live due to dominance plays from males.


Quick facts about mating lions:

  • A lone lioness with cubs may go into ‘false oestrus’ if a new male arrives within her area. She does this to protect her cubs, by diverting his interest away from potentially killing the cubs to mating with her.
  • It is not uncommon for mating to occur with different males and females within a pride. This sometimes results in the same litter having different fathers. 
  • Mating often only lasts 17 seconds and can be performed 100 times in a day. 
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