Early yesterday morning, we were crossing Lion Plain minutes after leaving Mwamba Bushcamp, when we noticed Impalas and Pukus  alarm calling and looking towards a thicket; we stopped, watched and waited. Shortly afterwards we were rewarded with the appearance of Malaika and she began to make her way across the plain towards the Mwamba river.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-13-2

Once she reached the treeline bordering the grasslands, she began to give subtle contact calls and within minutes her cub came bounding out of the river bed and raced over to greet her mother.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-14-2

The joy was obvious for all to see as Chiphadzuwa greeted her mother by continually nuzzling and shoulder-bumping her, as Malaika led the cub back across the plain towards the river.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-15-2

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