March Theme: Birds

Every month, Shenton Safaris selects 3 pictures among those taken by our guests during their visit at Kaingo and Mwamba.

The theme for March is BIRDS. The number of pictures received, and their undeniable quality, was overwhelming! Congratulations to all. With so many pictures in the pool, we decided to consider a separate category for Birds of Prey. This category will be the theme for the month of June. Giving an additional opportunity for more guests to send us their pictures.

Our next selections will be on the following themes: Animal Portraits (April) and South Luangwa Landscapes (May) and Birds of Prey (June). So make sure to sort through your photographs and to email them to us at



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March 2012 - Winner of the Month


By Paco Ahedo, September 2011

“Almost ten years ago I went on safari for the first time. Immediately I was seduced by the endless spaces, the unique skies,  the mysterious sounds of the night, the varied and amazing fauna and the fantastic people of Africa.

As amateur photographer African Nature is a dream come true and I try to visit the continent once a year.

In 2011 I went to  Zambia for the first time and choose Kaingo as our base to visit South Luangwa . I was impressed by the amount and variety of wildlife and very pleased with the remote feeling and low volume of visitors of the area.

Not only did we see lots of wildlife while on game drives with our amazing guide Patrick but during the mid-day hours from our private veranda we could admire the Luangwa River and his numerous inhabitants, hippos, crocs, elephants, pukus, baboons or birds.

That is how I took this picture. The bee-eaters were constant visitors in front of our private deck and we had the opportunity to see them several times bringing their catches of bees, wasps, butterflies, moths or dragonflies like the one in the photo.”

Settings: Nikon D300, 1/500 sec. at f/7.1, Focal 550 mm, ISO 200




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March 2012 – Runner Up

By Jeff Nadler, September 2011


“I’ve been fascinated by African wildlife for as long as I can remember. I finally went on my first safari in 2001 to Botswana, which turned my fascination into a passion for photographing Africa’s animals. Thanks to Africa, I now am building a second career of selling my photos –, as well as now organizing and leading my first group trip this year (to Tanzania). Visiting Zambia in 2011 was my fourth safari experience and choosing Shenton Safaris was easy – the photo hides and emphasis on photography made them the only operation I seriously considered. And the small camps and friendly professionalism of the staff at both Kaingo and Mwamba made the experience an exceptional one.

I particularly liked this Little Bee-Eater photo for several reasons. First, the angle of the branch adds an interesting element to the composition. Second, the shallow depth of field creates an almost studio backdrop effect from the brush blurred in the background.”

 Settings: Nikon D300, 1/250 sec. at f/5.6, Focal 550 mm, ISO 400



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March 2012 – Runner Up

By Daniel Dolpire,  May 2011

“I came to Kaingo in May 2011 with David Rogers on his Africa Geographic photo safari! Kaingo for me was quite a unique experience. I am keen to get back there to do the carmine bee eaters. My speciality is bird photography. I am hoping one day to publish a book with my photos!”

Settings: Nikon D3s1/250 sec. at f/8, Focal 1000 mm, ISO 200

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