On our evening drive we were watching the Hollywood pride with 6 adult females and 2 adult males. Just after it got dark, they started hunting and a few minutes later the females caught an impala.

But before the females could even kill the impala, one of the males went there quickly and snatched the kill from the females. The impala was not dead yet and its distressed sounds attracted the 9 cubs of the pride who came around and started feeding together with the male.

But the strange thing is that the other male wasn’t very far from his mate who was busy feeding and I wondered why he wouldn’t come to the kill. Then suddenly we saw him going up a tree and he came down with a half impala which obviously had been killed and hoisted there by a leopard

So it was a lucky night for the male lions, but not so much for the females, or the leopard.

By Patrick. May 31st, 2014.

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