Malaika preparing Dinner

If Patrick Njobvu, head guide at Shenton Safaris has a favourite sighting, it would be Malaika the Leopardess. She is his go-to girl, when all others remain elusive Malaika seems to shine for Patrick and his guests. But that does not mean that she always likes to be in the spotlight!

So recently, after `the beautiful one’ had brought down a young male Impala, Patrick introduced his guests to her as she was preparing her meal.



A slight disturbance in the bush, out of the influence of the spotlight and Malaika was on her feet in a flash – she has lost too many kills this season alone to take any chances.



After determining that she was safe from danger, she settled down to clear away the hair from the rump. Leopards can be fastidious when feeding and prefer not to chew through layers of inedible hair, preferring instead to scissor away the hair using their carnassials and sometimes their short incisors.


One last look and it was down to the serious business of preparing her meal.





Then there was that scurrying noise again and she sat up . . .


. . . with the remains of the Impala’s tail in her mouth.


Deciding that she needed more cover, Malaika moved her kill into thick brush and away from prying eyes.



A short story for Shenton Safaris by Patrick Njobvu.


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