Malaika loses her kill

Malaika is not the biggest of Leopardesses, so when she makes a kill she often loses it to one of the males in the area. And if it is not to one of the males, then it is often to her growing daughter Chiphadzuwa.

As the video below shows, on this occasion Malaika had killed an adult female Impala and stashed it in a tree. After feeding upon it, Malaika had descended the tree to rest. Luambe, the big male Leopard introduced from the Luambe National Park¬†a few years ago, has become more accustomed¬†to people in vehicles, fortunately for us. So it was without preamble that he sauntered in and stole Malaika’s kill, leaving her casting baleful glances up at her kill when we arrived.

A short story by Sylvester Mbaama.

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