Malaika Fights a Hyena

We were on an afternoon game drive and spent time with the mature leopardess Malaika. She had climbed up a sausage tree with an impala carcass which she had killed the previous day and now not much was left. We got a sudden surprise when another leopardess, Chiphadzuwa, arrived on the scene. Chiphadzuwa happens to be Malaika’s daughter and although she is now fully independent and has left her mother’s care, she was clearly looking for a free meal. Malaika was not having any of it though and after growling aggressively at her daughter, Chiphadzuwa decided she was not up for the fight over the kill and decided to venture off.

We followed Chiphadzuwa through some thickets and it was not long before a herd of grazing puku caught her eye. In a flash she went into her hunting mode, crouching low and vanished into some dense bushes. We waited patiently to see what would happen next as she had disappeared from our view. A minute or two later we heard a loud commotion from the other side of the thicket. We quickly moved our vehicle around to the other side and that is when we saw that the young leopardess had killed an adult female puku.

She started feeding but after a short time realised how exposed she was. She decided to drag her kill towards a thicket and possibly up a tree to make sure the hyenas would not steal it from her. She dragged her kill quite a distance, it was incredible to see this display of strength and power. A puku is almost the same size of her and she dragged it with no problem. She found a tree that seemed suitable but the carcass was too heavy for her to hoist so she began feeding on the ground.

She fed on her kill over the next day before Malaika arrived and stole the kill away from her daughter. Malaika enjoyed the remainder of the kill before a Hyena arrived. Malaika defended her kill as best she could even trying to attack the hyena swiping at him with her claws but eventually was pushed off her kill and the hyena stole it.

The below video was taken just after Chiphadzuwa made her kill up until Malaika stole the kill and had to fight the intruding hyena

Sylvester Mbaama

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