Luambe and the Fish Eagle Male Fight Over a Kill

On a night safari we came across the young leopardess Chiphadzuwa. She was atop a Sausage Tree feeding on a fresh impala carcass. We watched for a while before heading back to camp. We awoke early the next morning eager to return to the sighting to see what had transpired during the night.

On our arrival we found Chiphadzuwa was gone and had been replaced by the large dominant male leopard, Luambe. This was not surprising as Luambe has a reputation of stealing kills away from other leopards in the area, using his shear size to his advantage. Moments after we arrived Luambe descended the tree and made his way towards the main river for a drink. Once we lost visual to our amazement another leopard came, moving slowly out of some nearby bushes. A young male leopard who is a new arrival this season. He is often found around Fish Eagle Lagoon, so we call him the Fish Eagle Male.

The Fish Eagle Male quickly made his way up the tree and began feeding. After about 20 minutes Luambe returned and from a distance noticed the new intruder. He slowly made his way towards his kill, after reaching the base of the tree he ran up to reclaim the remains of the impala. A quick fight broke out between the leopards but the young male was no match for Luambe. Baboons were alarm calling as they watched the leopards. The young male decided to have one more go at Luambe, that was a bad decision. Luambe used his strength to knock the young leopard off the branch completely. Luckily the Fish Eagle Male managed to grab on with his two front paws and hoist himself back into the tree. 

Now the young male had a problem. The massive Luambe was blocking the only way down the tree and away from danger. The young male needed to get away from Luambe fast before another fight broke out. The only way to safety was to climb higher up the tree away from Luambe`s reach. In a defiant leap the young male leopard jumped over Luambe and landed safely on the branch above. He was stuck up there for a few hours before Luambe moved further away, allowing him a chance to get down the tree and flee for safety.

Watch the video below of when Luambe returned to his kill 

Sylvester Mbaama

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