Luambe Alive and Well

I set off with my guests for a mid-afternoon activity from Mwamba Bushcamp after our brunch. We were on our way to Pelican Lagoon to hopefully find some herds of elephants that frequent the area enjoying a mud bath to escape to the heat of the day. Only after 10 minutes out of camp I had to stop the car as I had seen some movement on the road ahead under the shade of a bush. I slowly approached with caution to get a closer look.

Once we narrowed the gap to about 20m a smile began to form on my guests faces, standing in front of us was a very large male leopard, none other than Luambe!



This was the first sighting of him this season! On previous encounters he has been known to be rather shy especially during daylight hours and relaxing somewhat only after night fall, but this time was different. Here we were in the middle of the day and he was completely composed and relaxed.

At first he watched the car with anticipation to see what we were up to but after some moments he realised we were not a threat and he then proceeded to give himself a 10 minute grooming session without a care in the world.



It is great to see how he has grown while we have been away, not only in size but also maturity, carrying himself with power and dominance. I am certain we will be seeing a lot more of Luambe and will be able to learn more of his personality throughout the season.

Story by: Patrick Njobvu

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