With only a few weeks until we head back into camp for the start of the 2015 season we are all getting very excited to see what has become of the number of different cubs we left behind at the end of last year.

Lets start with Malika’s little one, when we left camp she was thriving and starting the process of learning to hunt  https://www.shentonsafaris.com/blog/lesson-become-leopard/ .

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The rains can be a hard time for the predators. With there being so much water away from the river distributed all over the park from the rain, the game becomes more dispersed making hunting far more of a challenge. Malika will be busy not only feeding herself but also her fast growing cub.

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It is not just a potential lack of food that Malika and her little one will have to fight against, but other predators that are a threat to them. Lion, hyena and other male leopards will show little mercy if they come across a young leopard. They will view her as future competition in their fight for food and territory. With a huge slice of luck and survival instinct hopefully we will find Malkia and her little cub in fine form when we return.

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