The three young males that took over “Hollywood” pride and territory seem to have won the five females over and have consolidated their position. The biggest male – approx 210kg –unfortunately killed the previous pride male’s sub-adult cub of about three years who was foolishly still hanging around on the fringes of the territory. There have been three cubs since June and we have been lucky enough to enjoy watching them grow up – they are surely what he was protecting.

The Mwamba pride split up from its epic 36 of the previous year and half of the group (18) moved down to the Mfuwe bridge area where they are doing well and delighting the crowds. The other young ones of the group have mostly dispersed leaving the original core group of 7 females which are covered by three new males – two dark brothers of about 6 years old and one younger lighter coloured male. However there is another off-shoot of the Mwamba clan which numbers 18 living out at Kapanda lagoon close to the baobab forest – approx 10km NW of Mwamba camp(inland).

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