July 1st, by Meyam.


I started for our evening drive from Mwamba, this was on July 1st. The game drive was interesting as we followed four giraffes for some time as they were browsing thorns. Then we found a pride of lions – the Hollywoods (6 females and 9 cubs) resting in the beautiful afternoon light. We spent some time with them as we knew they were about to start moving since we could see some signs of yawning and moving for a few meters, and again dropping to the ground. After some time they took off, heading for the water but in the process they saw two young waterbucks close to the lagoon. It was interesting to see how quickly they became active showing some interest to the waterbucks.

But after a lot of efforts by the female lions to try and get closer to the waterbucks, it was all spoiled by the cubs. They were jumping around, playing with the females who were hunting and because of that some guinea fowls which were going for the water saw them and started giving alarm calls, which alarmed the waterbucks!

It was just amazing to see how the lions coordinated with each other, but obviously not so well with the cubs, as these ones didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

The waterbucks gathered, putting their youngs in the middle and took off before the lions got into position. It could have been the kill of the night for our guests!



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