Another camp out took place at Kapanda lagoon an as usual tuned out to be an experience the guests will never forget.

As usual a number of staff and I went ahead to set up camp for the arrival of Alec and his two guests from Mwamba who had booked a night under the stars. All when as planned and Alec arrived in time for sundowners .Matt Watermarked-3586

Mid-way through sipping our drinks we notice a lioness emerging from the edge of the lagoon not 100 metres away. Say slowly made her way to the last remaining water and began to drink. Shortly after she was joined by another female who also made her way down to the water to drink. They were in no hurry to move on and spent the next half an hour lazing by the water’s edge watching us as we watched them.

After some time they had clearly had enough of watching us doing very little and decided to find themselves some entertainment elsewhere.

The evening continued with dinner and a few more drinks and then an early night under the stars with the sounds of lions and hyenas roaring and whooping in the distance.

Morning arrived and a short drive to the baobab forest to watch the sun rise. A perfect way to end a camp out in the African bush.  Matt Watermarked-3645

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