Puku Hunt, by Noelle DiLorenzo

October 15th, 2012

Last night was a spectacular sighting with for lions from the Hollywood Pride. Three females and one young male have been resting on the sand bank near Fish Eagle lagoon for the past few days. My guests and I had a wonderful sighting of them drinking water and playing the other day and when we went to see them last night after Sundowners they were luckily getting quite active.

The females groomed each other and they rolled in the sand letting the light fade into darkness. We used the red filter as we followed them so as not to disturb any opportunity for a hunt. We patiently followed as they made a bee-line for the trees.

After about thirty minutes the females started becoming more alert and very swiftly moving through the thick bush. We drove around to a more open area and waited as the three females positioned themselves around a group of unsuspecting puku. The wind was in their favour and after about twenty minutes were treated to the sight of the females silently rushing in, puku scrambling in all directions, and one puku ram being brought down in front of the vehicle.

As two of the females started to eat the young male joined and took over the suffocating of the puku. There was a bit of a struggle, but finally the puku passed on and the lions enjoyed a hearty meal. It was a SPECTACULAR sighting and not one my guests or I will be forgetting anytime soon.


Thank you to Nicola Surber for sharing these two pictures! Nicola is 10 years old, and has his own blog.



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