July 14 by Sly

We had a good sighting of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride on this morning’s game drive, as we drove inland a bit. The lions were hunting a large herd of Cookson’s wildebeest, unfortunately for the lions they were not successful, I think it was getting too hot!

It was a very large group of wildebeests, quite rare to see them in great numbers. The Cookson’s Wildebeest is endemic to South Luangwa, it is quite special to know that they can only be seen here! They are lighter in colour than the Blue Wildebeest, and have very clear markings on the sides and face.


Sly Watermarked-2-9

Sylvester Mbaama

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Sylvester Mbaama has written 24 post in this blog.

After guiding for numerous years for other camps in the park, Sylvester joined us in 2012, and quickly found his marks at Kaingo and Mwamba, to the great satisfaction of our guests. “Sly” is qualified for game drives and bush walks, he is always read to help and is a great host. He is also very involved in the local community having created his own foundation to assist local projects.

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