With my guests Jo, Karen, Allan & Sue, we had a fantastic morning game drive. We started off with a troop of baboons enjoying the morning sun while grooming each other, and their mischievous young ones putting up a show for us. Really exciting!

Following that, we saw Malaika, the leopard with her two cubs, and we watched as the cubs played on a dead leadwood log, stalking and pouncing – skills that will determine who makes it and who doesn’t in this unforgiving wilderness.

The highlight of our morning however was to watch the pride of Mwamba-Kaingo, 16 lions, walk towards us in the golden light. The sun rays seem to make their fur coats glow. It was beautiful.

Carried away in the excitement, Jo didn’t notice his blanket dropping from the car. But the lions did! Six young ones came to investigate this strange thing and then decided to have a little fun with it. We sat there with mouth agape as the beasts tagged with the blanket, shredding it in the process.

I did manage to retrieve it a bit later on, or at least what was left of it… it won’t be used again!

Andrew, June 29th, 2014

Pictures courtesy of Joe Witkowski




Karen, Yvonne and Joe - and what is left of the blanket

Karen, Yvonne and Joe – and what is left of the blanket




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