Lion cubs at breakfast

Could Mwamba get any more heavenly? Originally we would tell you no, we would tell you that it is home to ‘The Last Waterhole Hide’. We would also tell you that the ebony trees perfectly shade the light and airy rooms which each possess a view of the remainder of the Mwamba river and then a quintessential African grassland beyond it. However, we would be wrong. 

It is breakfast time at Mwamba, the beat of the drums at 05:30 signal time to eat before a morning packed full of game viewing. As guests and Yvonne enjoy muffins, eggs and muesli accompanied by a hot cup of coffee they hear the pattering of paws on the river bed. Think it just the hyena she spotted scoping out the breakfast table this morning, Yvonne shines her torch to spot several lionesses on the other side of the Mwamba River and just two metres from the breakfast table, three little creatures.
These little creatures are the lionesses cubs. Unfrightened, the cubs trot back to mum while guests and Yvonne watch staying as still as possible. They all continue with their breakfast as they watch the big cats with their cubs walking away from the water hole and towards lion plain. A truly once in a lifetime experience. 

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