By Sylvester. 26 June 2013


After enjoying a special sundowner by the river, at a spot called “bottom end of Fish Eagle Lagoon”, we heard two pukus alarm calling (whistling)! Our caterer Yvonne and the 2 waiters almost become lion snacks!

Two female lions came from behind the bush, only a few meters away from where the sundowner set up had been a few minutes before; they came towards the gully, both in an hunting mode. We watched them going down the gully and crossing it, while a group of pukus was completely oblivious to what was happening.

One lion laid down in ambush, and the other one went around and checked from the other side. In a few minutes a male puku was meal to these hungry lions, a quick meal which lasted only a few minutes.

Photos below from video clip.

Lion kill Jun 26 (2)

Lion Kill Jun 26

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